Rainy days mixed with crowded streets are not so fun in New York. Mornings are already full of enough angry zombies stuffing themselves into subway cars while trying to dodge a coffee spill. Then when you finally push yourself to climb above ground, the umbrellas go into attack mode. Obviously, the purpose of umbrellas is to keep people happy and dry–but they have a dark side. Sharp little pokers line the umbrella, holding up that revered waterproof fabric. Most people have not learned umbrella etiquette and stab and poke innocent bystanders. Walking deliberately is usually a good thing, but not when you are carrying a weapon. Once (amidst celebrating the Obama victory) I was even dragged by an umbrella after a spoke got caught in my pigtail buns. If you carry an umbrella, do the right thing and step aside for people. If not, watch out!

The Problem

Here a couple of solutions:

A more polite option

Dry, happy, and you can still see in front of you 🙂

The hip option

I really need to get one of these. Here is the link to where I found it:


Finally, the ultimate option in politeness: