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Derbytaunt ’10

A débutante (from the French débutante, “female beginner”) is a young lady from an aristocratic or upper class family who has reached the age of maturity, and as a new adult, is introduced to society at a formal presentation known as her “début”.

A derbytaunt (from the New York City street slang, “freshmeat”) is a young lady (sometimes) from a diverse skater family who has conquered Gotham tryouts, been torn apart by the coaching staff, and as new Gotham girl, is introduced into the league as a Brooklyn Bombshell, a Queen of Pain, a Manhattan Mayhem, or (if she’s really lucky) a Bronx Gridlock.

On Sunday night at Public Assembly in Williamsburg, I finally got to shed my title as rookie with Gotham Girls and welcome the class of 2010. One of the lovely ladies, Jensurgency, returned as my league-mate from the River City Rollergirls. While I am stoked that we have rejoined forces, we will once again be on rival teams. However, everyone looked amazing and thanks to Brooklyn Brewery and San Loco Mexico we had free booze and burritos.

Here’s the link from the Village Voice:

Jen on the train sporting her white debutant gown

The 2010 Bronx Gridlock <3- photo by suzy hotrod

Me and Kakes skippin’ to the plantation- photo by suzy hotrod, mural by serena

CBS and Jen -photo by suzy hotrod


Blonde Flame

After going to the doctor to make sure my neck was okay from Monday night’s practice, I decided my hair needed a fix. Not that anything is broken, but I needed a hot, new Spring look. I checked out Redken in Astoria on 30th ave and was pretty satisfied. Stacey, the stylist, was super nice and gave me some highlights and toned out the dull strands. However, she was painfully slow and this took almost two hours.  After Redken, I decided to stroll down Steinway for a Victoria’s Secret visit. Two things– 1. They opened up a Ricky’s on Steinway which is amazing 2. Boys should not be employed at Victoria’s secret.

Oh, and my neck is perfect.

"The new color"

I moved

I was on for about a day when I realized the format was not for me. Sorry Chris, your advice was helpful but after I shopped around, I liked better. I also scrapped the beige for this rich wood theme, makes me feel warm and homey. Everything else is the same–same goal, same expectations, same Carey.

Oops, you caught my smirk.

About two days ago I thought about starting a blog. A day after that, I twittered to my friend about a decent blog site. Then, about 10 minutes ago I took the leap and created the thing. I am not a writer or anything but frankly I just want this for my own amusement. Possibly in a year or so I will read over all the posts, smile, and maybe even giggle a bit. If you would like to join me, that would be swell.

The title is a six word memoir I wrote to emphasis how much NYC has influenced me in my endeavors and the way I view this crazy world.

I choose beige as my background color because it is underrated and my friend Meredith made me see it’s beauty.

This is a cute smirking tomato I just found on :p